Different Types

Understanding the Different Types of Paint 

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If you think that all paints are the same, then you’re gravely mistaken. Aside from having different shades and hues, paints also come in different types and each of them has special uses. Below is a list of different types of paints and finishes with a simple explanation for each. By knowing more about each of them, you’ll make informed choices when you decide to give your home a major makeover.  

Different Types

  1. Matte 

Matte is a very popular choice when it comes to interior wall painting. This type of paint has no shine or sheen, thus making it ideal for ceilings and walls. It’s also easy to apply though it may need two or more coating to achieve the desired shade. The only disadvantage of using this type of paint is the fact that it is easily marked, which also means it needs regular retouching. Flat paints usually belong to the type. It also has another variation and it is called the matte-enamel type. 

  1. Satin

Satin sits between the matte and gloss paint finishes, which suggests that it has that low, soft sheen. It’s the best choice for walls that are always subjected to water, as they are quite resistant to moisture. Satin is also perfect on parts that need to be cleaned regularly because it is fairly easy to wipe away marks on this type of paint. However, you can’t use this finish if you intend to cover certain imperfections on the wall because doing so will only make the marks more prominent.  

  1. Eggshell 

This type of type creates an eggshell finish, which means that the end result resembles the outer surface of an egg. It has the same light sheen as the satin finish but appears a lot rougher. If that’s the end result that you want, then you can very well use this type of paint for your interiors.  

  1. Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss is a popular type of paint and its commonly used on trims rather than on walls. This paint offers a hard finish, thus making it suitable for heavy uses. It is also easy to clean, as you only need to use soap and water.  

  1. Full Gloss

Full gloss paints are yet another popular type of interior wall paint. This one is mostly used on walls although it can be used sparingly on woodwork as well. If you use this type of paint, expect to apply several coatings to achieve a solid color. It can be quite a challenge to hide imperfections on this type of paint.  

These are the five major types of paint and anytime you become overwhelmed with all of your options, just refer back to this list so you can make the right choice. You may also consult with a professional painter to get a better understanding as to what type of paint is best for a particular area of your house. If you need more help, just hire them to handle the job so you can be sure that you’ll get nothing but the most impeccable results. 

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